Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anthropologie-Style Silk Necklace

 I loved this Anthropologie necklace but not $148 love. I stumbled into my local yarn store and found the perfect yarn to make one with. The yarn is 100% silk from Nepal and the label said the proceeds provide safe shelter, healthcare, and education for people in Indonesia, so I'd call this purchase a big win! 50 yards allowed me to make 8 necklaces in less than 45 minutes. I laugh at how simple the idea is and how awesome they look. I hope no one sees this before the holidays, if so disregard. ;) Oh, I almost forgot, I put a large silver bead at the back for a little flair. I chose to have these go over the head instead of worrying with a clasp.

I took my silk yarn and tied a knot in it every 8-10 inches. I then wrapped it around my neck as many times as I would like depending on how many colors I wanted to show. To finish them off, I tied the ends together while tying the other pieces together.

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