About Me

Hi. I'm Kortney. I'm a 30-year-old gal living in the south with my partner, our daughter,  beagle, & 3 felines (yes, I said 3). This blog is a space for me to share my crafting attempts, recipes, and life experiments. Oh, and there will be cat pictures. I like yarning, stepping on crunchy leaves, and Coca Cola.

Please feel free to leave comments. If you want to contact me by email, you can reach me at GiveThatGirlACola(at)gmail(dot)com.

Happy reading.


  1. I really like your dress in this photo! I'm a cat lover too and really miss crunching leaves underfoot. We don't have autumn here in Costa Rica, and it's so wet that most dried leaves wind up soggy.

  2. Hi Kortney- just wanted to say thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. You have the coolest blog name! I want it. Mine would be - Give that Girl a Cherry Coke. :) Nice to meet you!


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