Monday, December 24, 2012

State Pendant

I saw the cutest state pendant necklaces on this Two Twenty One and thought I would give them a shot. Very simple tutorial, print out your state, using pliars wrap your wire to the shape of your state, taping it down with masking tape until it is completed and make a simple loop for hanging. You can see the results below. I just wasn't crazy with my results. It a little big for my liking and not exactly stiff enough to not get bent with every little bump. I ended up using them as gift wrap decor. A family friend is doing a charity for People Feeding People. I got a few of my friends these gifts which include rice to feed a family of 5 for 2 weeks in their name. Cool huh? The Arkansas pendant is appropriate because the charity is based here.


  1. oh my gosh what an adorable idea! I want for Utah now! Especially because we're moving to California in the summer and I want to keep Utah close to my heart! Just found your blog and have enjoyed looking around and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

  2. I just found your blog, very cute! I had fun scrolling through your posts, the felt cat made me smile :) I think doing this for Hawaii would be quite a challenge, perhaps I should wait until we move again?

    I'd like to invite you to join our weekly Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop. Come link up and join the fun if you have time this weekend :)


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